National Center for Domestic Violence
The online ASSIST programme provides immediate but secure access to all UK Police Forces to:
Non-Molestation Orders and Occupation Orders.
The service is updated continuously throughout the day and is accessable to authorised officers 24 hours a day.
For officers that require sight of Court papers, ASSIST allows the facility to either view online or securely send the Orders/injunctions and proof of service at any time of the day or night.
To access the original Court papers, the officer will complete the login details with the name of the applicant. A unique passkey will then be securely emailed to the officer with a secure link to a secure login page. After following the link the officer will then complete the secure login and ASSIST will allow the applicants/victims documents to either be sent to the officer via secure email or viewed online on screen.
The ASSIST server and software technology is highly secure and will only send a passkey to a registered police domain. The passkey is unique and allows a single registration session to a single applicants file for a limited period. Triple protection and MILITARY grade ENCRYPTION CODES guarantee that even if the passcode is distributed outside the police network it cannot be used. ASSIST keeps a log of all attempts to access the database, couple this with IP location software and any unauthorised attempts can be investigated.
All ASSIST data storage and distribution conforms to GDPR regulations. All Applicants have given their express permission that information relating to their case may be shared with the Police.